Hi, I'm Xiang,
A UX apprentice keen on understanding users,
Powered by caffeine.

By February 2023, I will complete my MS in Human Factors Engineering at Tufts University. Prior to that, I earned my BEng in Product Design & Manufacture. Before coming to the U.S. in Fall 2021, I worked as a Human Machine Interaction designer for IM Motors, an electric vehicle company in China.

I am passionate about listening and observing, adept at finding out what users really want from their behavior. I believe that we can never know the answer until we put our feet in the user's shoes.

Work Experience

IM Motors

UX Design Intern

Responsible for HMI design of IM L7.

Features: Console Face, Perfume, Console Face Management System.


Individual Projects


UX/UI Design

Popcorn is a Website(-Plugin) that offers a new way to explore new media and make connections.



User Experience & Product Design

Percentage is a set of monitoring wearables that helps people with eating disorders to wake up from binge eating.

ae1_画板 11.jpg


UX/UI Design

AE is a social platform that helps middle-aged people find their like-minded groups.



User Experience & Product Design

PolyPad is a specially structured plastic bag that can be transformed into a period pad by simply tearing and folding.


User Experience Design

M-Autoguider optimizes the experience of visiting the museum by providing visitors with a real-time audio guide.