IM Motors (Zhiji) - UXD Intern (Dec. 2020 - Jun. 2021)

Console Face & Perfume
User Experience Design



L7 is the first intelligent electric sedan of IM Motors (Zhiji), which has three interactive screens: Dashboard, Passenger Screen, and Console Screen.


Check the official websites for more details.

Official Website: 

Website in English:



As a UX designer, I closely collaborated with the product managers, visual designers, and development engineers to ensure a user-centered design.  


I was responsible for the interaction design of three features: Perfume, Console Face (home page of the console screen), and its Management System.

Meanwhile, I also assisted in developing the UX design guideline as well as assisted the UX researchers in conducting usability tests to determine the best area for touch and vision. 


The experience concept and prototype I designed are novel, creative, and supported by research. For confidentiality reasons, I'm not allowed to present the results now, but general idea can be understood from the IMOS promotional video.