GIS System Design

Favorite Location around UNNC

In this project, I'm going to create my own Survey123 Field data Collection Survey on the favorite locations around the campus. Since I've NEVER been Boston...for now... I chose my undergraduate university, UNNC, as the base. All the data were collected from me or my old schoolmates.

Survey123 Form 

8 questions were designed in my survey, they are:

  • Location;

  • Date of Collection;

  • Type of Location;

  • Purpose of Location;

  • First Visiting Date;

  • Frequency of Visit;

  • Name of the Establishment;

  • Image(s).

2020-12-01 (6).png
2020-12-01 (7).png
2020-12-01 (8).png
2020-12-01 (9).png
2020-12-01 (8).png

Data Collection

The QR code of the survey was shared on my social media account. 16 points were collected.

2020-12-01 (5).png

Data Visualization

Tableau was used to visualize the collected data on a map, more specifically, a map of Ningbo. Since the CSV file of the result could be downloaded from Survey123, the data was imported easily.

2020-12-01 (11).png

Import Data to Tableau

Change the Geometric Role of X and Y to Longitude and Latitude. Using Street Map, set X as Column, Y as Row, and choose Dimension as their type. Then we could have a map with our data marked.


Visualize Data on the Steet Map

Choose the variables that need to be visualized. Based on the information, we could change the mark type.

  • Name: Label - Shows when selecting the mark

  • Purpose: Detail - Shows when holding the mouse on the mark

  • Type: Different type of location = Different shape of the mark

  • Times: Color - Low Frequency = Light Yellow; High Frequency = Dark Red

  • First Visit Date: Detail - Shows when holding the mouse on the mark



*Also, the mark on the lower-left corner is an abnormal value, which would be excluded.

2020-12-02 (3).png

Overall Map

2020-12-02 (4).png

Hold the Mouse on a Mark

2020-12-02 (5).png

Select a Location

Tableau Public URL: